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Introducing Joro

Joro is building an app and a community that helps people live more sustainably. Our iOS and Android app provides automated, high-resolution, and real-time carbon footprinting across travel, home, and purchase activity. We pair this tracking with tailored feedback and comparison to help you share your sustainability progress your communities.

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Connecting Values with Action

Achieving a low-carbon future requires better measurement tools. Joro bridges the gap between our values and our actions, helping us to create a better future.


Joro helps people track energy use in real-time, looking across travel, residential, and purchase activity.

Joro provides tailored suggestions for lower-carbon activities that fit with your lifestyle.

Joro is a social platform through which you can connect with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to share and compare progress toward sustainability goals.


Our Harvard/MIT team brings breadth and depth of expertise across energy demand modeling, software development, and business.


Julien has been involved in climate change research since 2010 and now researches renewable energy technologies and policy as a Masters student in the MIT School of Engineering.

Co-Founder / CTO

Cressica is a PhD candidate at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. She founded the Mobile Carbon Footprinting Research Group. Her research forms the foundation for Joro.

Co-Founder / CEO

Sanchali is a second-year MBA student at Harvard University with a background in clean energy, smart cities, and management consulting. Previously, she worked Tesla and Dalberg Advisors, and co-founded a social enterprise.

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