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Introducing Joro

Joro is an automated, high-resolution, and real-time carbon footprinting system for iOS and Android. We help people reduce energy use and create stronger personal and collective ecological awareness.

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Connecting Values with Action

At the level of people, households, and communities, we need better tools for measuring improvements in our carbon emissions due to daily activities. We are building Joro to bridge the gap between our values and the actions we can take today to create a better future for the next generation.

Joro's Features

Joro tracks a participant’s complete carbon footprint as it changes over time--including travel, residential, out-of-home services, food, and retail goods.

Personalized, visual feedback helps users see their footprints change as they follow tailored suggestions for lower-carbon activities.

Social interaction and communication features enable participants to compete, trade, and engage with friends and neighbors.

Leadership Team

Our team brings together expertise in marketing, climate science, emissions accounting and energy demand analysis, design, urban planning, social enterprise development, and software development.

Co-Founder / Executive Manager

Julien has been involved in climate change research since 2010 and now researches renewable energy technologies and policy as a graduate student in the MIT School of Engineering.

Co-Founder / Technical Manager

Cressica is a PhD candidate at MIT Department of Urban Studies and a researcher in the Mobile Carbon Footprinting and Clean Energy Cities groups since 2011.

Co-Founder / Executive Manager

Sanchali is an MBA Candidate at Harvard University. She specialized in urban sustainability & smart city technologies at Dalberg Global Development Advisors and in energy products at Tesla.

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